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Ranjai (pronounced as Ranjhai - a sweet smelling flower in the mountains of Western Ghats) is a dhaba style restaurant on the intersection of Mumbai Banglore Expressway and the Hinjewadi main road. The spicy flavor kicks you with the first spoon.. but you still slurp it till the last drop !!

Ranjai Garden – Pune – Spicy Marathi Dhaba

A bliss to a few Marathi Dishes !!


A day in office with work slowly getting up and a dear friend moving to a different location for a few weeks. Suddenly planned and all decided to have the delicious spicy Marathi delicacy. Dhiraj being the oldest in our group in the area guided us to Ranjai Garden a few kilometers away from office.

The garden restaurant, Ranjai Garden; just beside the Mumbai Banglore Highway is a simple setup though spacious. The menu was handed over to the table with four of us seated there… Dhiraj, Rajat, Sandeep and me.. Neither did the menu really look much effective to me and nor did the location. The place was more of a dhaba and for me, I would not really feel comfortable to take my family to a food outing there.

Rajat, the only vegetarian friend of ours in the carnivorous group, ordered for a Masala Papad and we did for Rassa Wati as suggested by Dhiraj. As described by Dhiraj, it was the curry of chicken cooked Marathi Style and served in a small bowl as a starter. I really doubted the quality of food they would serve, but ordered entirely on trust towards my dear friend.

And there it was, rassa wati and masala papad in a few minutes. It has always been a birthright of the carnivores to help their vegetarian friends in their served delicacies. Hope Rajat does not kill me after reading this 😛 … We helped him having masala papad too but I can bet on rassa wati as one of the best delicacies I did ever had. Bloody, that was sooooo spicy; the first touch of the steaming hot and spicy rassa wati brought nearly tears to my eyes. But, soon the taste buds accepted it.. The spicy hot thing, but still yummy.. I could not really resist the flavors and kept slurping the yummy rassa wati. As suggested by our mentor Dhiraj, tried to squeeze out the lemon juice out of the juice less lemon wedges that were served. However, the onion rings did help me, but better to throw off the outer most rings and have the remaining part. Finally, the war was won; rassa wati was over, but the taste buds were still longing for it.

Now time for some main course. Though I already had the trailer of the remaining movie that was about to come up, I bet Rajat was just viewing and thinking what could be ordered; and finally he decided to have Baigan Masala and we ordered for some chicken sukka with a bowl of rassa wati again.. omg.. did I really agree to that spicy stuff again .. my taste buds could not really resist it.. and bajri bhakri with it too…

The service is appreciative, they serve the food pretty fast and there it was served in a few minutes; baigan masala, chicken sukka, rassa wati, bajri bhakri ready to be savored. Dhiraj told us to mash up the bajri bhakri and mix the rassa wati with it and have chicken with it and accordingly to Rajat too.. but you know i love to try things differently.. broke a piece of the bhakri and dipped it in rassa wati and tried it.. but he was right. Finally, I crushed the bhakri and mixed rassa wati to it and had the chicken with it. The tummy had given up but the taste buds were still longing for the flavors and we ordered more of the stuff and this time with mutton sukke.. which as I had already expected was the sheep meat and not the goat meat..

LOL, you would have loved to see our faces when we were having the delicacies. Rajat was red with the spicy baigan masala, Sandeep was perspiring as if he had been made to run a few kilometers and me… perspiring and weeping literally but still was having it.. but the boss.. Dhiraj was so so normal.. Finally, the battle was won and we simply loved the delicacies.

The Spicy Curry

Last, but not the least will really like to say; the delicacy was yummy.. 2 hours spent.. worth the time spent.. Thanks to Dhiraj for leading us there… The service of the hotel is pretty fast… At the end you can even request for discount on the bill and that too is given in the dhaba.. The place did not really look appealing to me to take your family for an outing there.. Salad might not really be that good to look at, the serving bowls are very very normal.. but at the end it is the taste that matters and I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 for the delicacies Ranjai Garden served.

You can reach Ranjai Garden by following the map below:


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