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Boss good or bad, but surely deserves a farewell when leaving you behind. We were out to Mezza 9 for a farewell lunch party with our boss expecting the services and food to be real good as they serve in the evenings. Time out for lunch with team is real fun, but a farewell is feelings with mixed emotions both for the manager and his reportees.

Mezza 9 – Hinjewadi

Delicacies really could have been better !!

Reached Mezza 9 by around 12 noon and were planning to have some good time with some good food and arranged to settle down in a cottage of Mezza 9. Looking around could find as if we were the first to arrive in the restaurant.. LOL.. Chitchatting and waiting for someone to provide us the menus at least, we spent around 15-20 minutes with no one around. Called for the restaurant manager to get us the menu and then we ordered for Hot and Sour Veg Soup, Clear Soup Veg, Veg Mini Platter and Murg Mini platter. A few minutes later when we ended up with the Murg Mini platter, we ordered the lovely Murg Afghani Kebab.

To our dismay, the service was sooo slow, that we ended up puffing up nearly a whole pack of cigarettes waiting for the food. And finally came the soup, after which they again took a hell lot of time bringing the platters. The food too as expected was not up to the mark as they serve during the evening hours of their service. The most awaited Murg Afghani Kebab took a very long time to arrive and it too turned out to be weird. The Murg Mini platter and the Veg Mini platter came after sometime and it too was not really up to the mark as was expected from the restaurant. Soup ordered was much better as compared to the food provided in the starters.

Tired of the quality of service and food we then ordered for the main course and we finally decided not to try out any non-vegetarian main course rather just ordered for the vegetarian main course which comprised of Sabzi Bagicha, Sabzi Lababdar and a Roti Basket. A little better to feel, we found that the vegetable curries were much better as compared to the starters served. But again to the dismay, the Roti Basket was not up to the mark but okay. Though one thing forgotten to write about, the Boondi Raita was a real good part that was served among all the dishes till then.. LOL

Mezza 9 - Hinjewadi - 2

Last but not the least, it was not at all expected from Mezza 9, to serve such a pathetic food and a poor service. But, personally I had really high expectations from the restaurant since I have myself visited the place many times in the evening hours and it has real good service and yummy food. However, will try out again in the day time once more expecting that the food quality is better this time and I can change my review comments. But, I would strongly say not to visit the restaurant in the day time when they are starting up because that is the time they are really not ready to serve well and are mismanaged.

If asked, I would rate the restaurant service and quality of food during night hours to be 3.5 stars out of 5, but the way we faced during the day time it would strictly be a rating of 1 star out of 5.

You can reach Mezza 9 by following the map below:

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