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Rains change the look of Pune and the outskirts of Pune become simply heaven. One such place is Lavasa also known as the Switzerland of Pune... A place worth visiting in rains and a complete whole day outing.. Carry one extra set of clothes lest you end up completely drenched before you enter back in your car...A rating of 3.5 out of 5 for the lovely taste, quality and friendliness of the restaurant.

MexItaly – Lavasa

A blessing to visit in rains!! 

The rains had set out in Pune,  and it was time to visit the Switzerland of Pune.. We decided on a Sunday morning to rush out to Lavasa and enjoy the rain to the fullest.  Hardly a drive of around 1 hour and we were in Lavasa for the first time.  The moment we were to enter the gates, God blessed us with torrents of rain, and we could not resist ourselves from getting drenched in the rain and having hot grilled sweet corn.

Entering the gates finally and driving down towards the lake you will find a number of small and medium sized waterfalls and you will be mesmerised to see such a lovely view.  Reaching the lake, we moved in across the road of the place trying to discover new places. The kids were really enjoying the splashes of rain and getting drenched. Finally all felt the chill and we decided to settle down at some place and have some good food.

Lavasa Trip - 2

Most of us wanted to have some at least some good sea food and hot soup, so decided to move into a restaurant with the octopus logo called Oriental Octopus,  lol mistaken that the restaurant will be for sea food. The place was over crowded and had to wait outside in the rains thrashing us and was just enjoying these moments.  However,  watching the crowd in the restaurant gave us an expectation that the food would be good with some good service.  Finally,  we had place for us after around waiting of 30 minutes and we all settled in a corner of the restaurant.

Expectations were high from Oriental Octopus,  but all went down the drain when we saw the way they were mismanaged.  Water was not served until we finally asked them for it before they gave us the finger bowls.  Food was just okay,  but they had good soup which cannot be denied.  Disheartened with the service,  cost and quality we left the place soon without even consuming the food we had ordered. And we all moved around enjoying near the Dam. Driving around is a blessing in the rains in Lavasa.

Lavasa Trip - 3

It was nearly evening and with very less food and tired; we decided to try out some other place and we landed up in MexItaly. The place seemed to be small; but had a good ambience and the staff welcoming. They took pretty some time to prepare the dish, but the dishes were awesome. We started with some starters for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We ordered for Cheese Nachos with Tomato Salsa and Spicy Chicken with Cheese Nachos. Cheese Nachos with Tomato Salsa was just okay, but the Spicy Chicken with Cheese Nachos was worth appreciation. My daughter then ordered for the thing she loves the most, garlic bread with cheese; and the garlic bread was real good and is worth a try. We further ordered for Chicken with Mushroom Sauce; and it has been one of the best chicken dishes I have ever tasted in life. The presentation was real good and the flavors were awesome.

Further moving on, watching the crowd grow as the rains started to slow down, it was a pleasant evening. Reached out to an ice-cream parlour which was good at flavors, but unnecessarily costly. A small cup for 100 bucks, but you enjoy an ice-cream most when it’s chilling 😉

Last but not the least, the trip turned out to be real memorable with lots of fun and frolic with finally some real good and lovely food at MexItaly.

You can reach MexItaly – Lavasa by following the map below:

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