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Chat and Paani Puris a name which every next Indian is well aware of and loves to savor. One such place for authentic chat is Kashi Chat Bhandar. Roaming around the ghats and viewing the Ganga Aarti in the evening, you can walk down the streets and savor one of the best places for Chat.

Kashi Chat Bhandar

Delightful Paani Puris from the streets of Varanasi !!


Peak summers and the streets were overcrowded with all the parties promoting themselves for the upcoming elections. You could see nearly every second head wearing the cap of the party the person supported. Lots of people, lots of police trying to govern the heat around. And of course, lots of business for the vendors around. Walking down the streets trying to analyze where I was, not really realizing it the same city where I had been few years back; walked cross the shop where we had spent lots of time years back when in college.

Nostalgic, walked into the Kashi Chat Bhandar with the old memories of friends gathering together at the shop. Could recognize a few faces but some seemed to be new. Ordered the same old fashion, one plate of everything they had.. LOL not really to fill my tummy, but just a tribute to all my old friends and the gatherings we used to have there. The shop had made entries in a  lot of channels who had featured Varanasi.

Kashi Chat Bhandar - 2

The shop is small, not much of a sitting space; especially if you are there at the finish of Ganga Aarti. But, you find some awesome eateries there. One such thing is the paani puri. I can bet on it that most of the Indian women are die hard fans of it, and of course some men too 😛

You can find one of the best Paani Puris at this place in Varanasi. Dahi Puri was also good to taste, except that I really did not have the mood to have sweet dishes at that point of time, so I kept savoring the Paani Puri plate after plate until people around me started staring at me 😀

Tried the Tomato Chat, but to my surprise I could not really find the taste that I used to have in it years back. Or it was just that I had tummy full of Paani Puris. However, the rates still are the nearly the same, cheap and affordable for a common man to have yummy delicacies at the place. Hygiene is something that might need to be thought of, but do you really think of that when you have food at the road side stalls?? Compared to it, it was much better.

Kashi Chat Bhandar - 3

Oh my god, how can I forget this. Yes, the Kulfi Faluda.. I am so sorry, I could not grab images of it. I just savored it as soon as they placed it in front of me. My daughter and me had quarrels of the last spoon of the kulfi faluda. LOL and we ordered one more but I still was busy savoring it than clicking an image. You are sure to love that with a mild twist in the faluda. You have to be there to find that out, am certainly not going to reveal that !!

Happy roaming across the ghats of Varanasi and savoring food around !! 🙂

You can reach Kashi Chat Bhandar by following the map below:

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