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Few places in India have a fanatic lovely flavor of chicken along with the satisfying effects to the sweet tooth as well. One such place is Green Park - Baner. The delicacies in Green Park - Baner are simply awesome. Kids love to visit the place which has a great place to enjoy too..A rating of 3.5 out of 5 for the lovely restaurant.

Green Park – Baner – Pune

Chicken Tangri – OMG is simply yummmmm !!


Green Park, a place of  delight for yummy food in Baner area in Pune with a beautiful ambiance is worth a visit. It is highly suggested to have an advance booking before visiting the place. It was my birthday and I really was not aware of that my sister, wife and friends had planned something so beautiful. A hectic day at office and then a surprise party. Simply loved it…

Reaching by around 8 p.m. in the evening.. all seats pre-booked, was then welcomed at the table with a good smile and a lovely service. The climate was getting cooler, and best thing to order was soup. Hence with a mix of my sister, daughter and me being the pure non-vegetarians and friends and wife being pure vegetarians ordered Cream of Chicken Soup and Burnt Garlic Clear Soup. A chicken soup which I saw my daughter savoring for the first time and she simply loved it. The Burnt Garlic Clear Soup was also good, simple but full of delicious veggies and a lovely flavor of garlic. What better could it be beating the winters with the soup trying to get hold of you?

Green Park - Baner - 1

Further, we started adding on with the Masala Papad, Baby Corn Pepper Salt, Tangri Kebab, Prawns Reshmi Kebab and the Veg Seekh Kebabs. The Masala Papad, is something common though out the restaurants in Pune; and is nearly the same flavor in most of the restaurants. Baby Corn Pepper Salt was good, Prawns Reshmi Kebab was not that good but just okay. A lot more was expected out of the Prawns Reshmi Kebab, but the rest of the starters complemented it. Veg Seekh Kebabs and Tangri Kebab were the most awesome once to have. The veg seekh kebab was the most awesome veg kebab ever had. It just melt in the mouth. And now stands the outstanding Chicken Tangri Kebab. Literally asked the guy serving was it really chicken legs or turkey legs because of the size of the leg pieces. The tangri melt in the mouth and the smoky flavor with the juiciness of the chicken tangri.. OMG am still feeling the flavors while writing about it.

Green Park - Baner - 7

This all was followed by a lovely butter scotch cake. Came to know they have their own bakery and prepare the cakes if needed in just 10-15 minutes of the flavors you need. Gungun (my daughter) an ardent fan of cakes simply jumped up to cut the cake. The cake was wow.. soft, fresh and a lovely flavor. A perfect cake after a long time.

Green Park - Baner - 3

Tired of chomping the starters and the cake, was nearly all full. When looking at the others; they were in a situation of LETS PACKUP. Moved then to the kids area, where Gungun had lots of space to play around with a number of kids enjoying their evening…

Finally, we ended up ordering for Kaju Masala, Dal Tadka, Chicken Pulimunichi (as suggested to me by a friend in FB group Pune Eat Outs and also on RecipesGlobally FB group), Neer Dosa, Garlic Roti and Garlic Naan. Garlic Roti and Garlic Naan is generally the same flavor across the restaurants. However, for me Neer Dosa was the first time I was having it and was simply soft, fluffy, light and awesome to taste. Neer Dosa is a pancake made of the rice flour. Kaju Masala was okay not really that good though; and not actually the flavor it should have had. It was more of the feeling of spices than the texture and taste it should have had to be loved more. Dal Tadka had the feel of raw red chili powder on the taste buds and really did not like it much. However, chicken pulimunchi was good, tangy and spicy flavor best going with the Neer Dosa.

Green Park - Baner - 4

Lastly, the sweet tooth took over and needed desserts now. What better than a sizziling brownie with vanilla icecream on the top of it. One of the most awesome dishes which was loved by all from the kido to her father.. LOL. We all literally fought over it to have a bite of it first.. 😀

Green Park - Baner - 5

Last but not the least, the place has a great ambience to relax, a good service, some really great food and all of the above.. the biggest problem of Pune (Car Parking) – They have a big space for parking of the vehicles. A balanced food, good service and smiling faces around makes the day for you. Average costly around 4208 INR, for 4 of us with our dearest kido. Thanks all for such a lovely evening 🙂

Green Park - Baner - 6

You can reach Green Park – Baner by following the map below:

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