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Delicacies around the world hold their own flavors and importance based on the location. The flavors of Germany were simply awesome which I luckily had the change to checkout at Brauhaus Alter Bahnhof. Last but not the least, one of the best foods ever had.

Brauhaus Alter Bahnhof – Classic German Food

Food at its best – Wow Presentation and Yummy !!


Was walking through the lanes of my memories and the snaps in my hard disk.. Was like feeling the flavors back again when I came across those images. A few beautiful days of my life I will cherish my life time.. Thanks to Prashant a dear friend who had been all the way through working and finding places around with me. A special thanks to Anna who introduced us to such a lovely restaurant with authentic German food.

Walking around in the streets of Dusseldorf is a bliss. It was a sunny day after a long snow and the air was still chilling. We walked down the streets and reached Brauhaus Alter Bahnhof. A cozy restaurant with a few people around having food and beer.

Brauhaus Alter Bahnhof - 2

A decent dress lady appeared with the menu and though not aware of the German language, her body language and smile made the people around comfortable. The order was placed for a tomato soup, turkey salad, fish with rice, turkey with rice and of course beer.

The service was instant. Food presented was very well plated and served with a very presentable way. The tomato soup was okay. The turkey salad was just yumm, the turkey with rice was better, but the fish with rice was simply the best I had ever had. The food was not spicy and had unique flavors and taste. The dish was healthy and felt so soothing to the taste buds. The beer was awesome.

Brauhaus Alter Bahnhof - 3

Last but not the least, when walking out saw a lovely rabbit toy holding a beer mug. It was a lovely day with a lovely lunch with lovely people around. The day was awesome with a lovely food. It is well said, good food is found in every corner of the world, all you need is to find it 🙂

You can reach Brauhaus Alter Bahnhof with the following map below:

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