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Food has its own language and good food simply spreads happiness around. One such place to be is Bhoj - an authentic vegetarian restaurant serving rajasthani thalis. The dishes are a lot with awesome flavors for vegetarian lovers. Be there for sure once to tingle your taste buds!!

Bhoj – Authentic Vegetarian Food in Pune

Authentic Vegetarian Food in Pune


Many restaurants claim to provide authentic vegetarian food across India, but there are a few; which steal your heart. One such is Bhoj Restaurant near the Pune Hospital. The days had been real hectic a few months back moving around the city. With a friend in the Pune Hospital, it was real tough to have good food in decent time and at a reasonable price too.

Bhoj - 2

I had already tried my hands in the nearby restaurants vegetarian and non-vegetarian both, but nothing could satisfy the taste buds until I found Bhoj. Situated in the inner side road, and not on the main one; it does not really show much appearance. But, once you have the food there; you are bound to reach out to them again.

The thalis are placed and the trail of food starts to be served. The chaach that is served is such a soothing drink in the hot summers. Different types of vegetables, curries, paneer and dal served with chappatis applied with ghee (optional) and pooris. You end up with a full tummy while just tasting the dishes… LOL.

However, the best one which I did not mention till now is the Dal Bati… which is simply awesome. Though I have noticed one thing too. I have been there around 5-6 times by now; but out of say 5 there has been once only that the consistency was broken. The curries were pretty spicy, felt like having the dishes of Maharashtra more than that of Rajasthan. But, the dishes were still yummy, even though spicy.

At the counter, you find the gentleman; with a very sharp memory and a welcoming smile. The people serving the food are good at it. The service is worth appreciation. The food overall is good. The cleanliness is satisfactory.

Bhoj - 3

But, at the end; all that you need is a good food, a good service and a clean environment. You can find all of them there. My neice enjoyed being there and so did we. Overall, a lovely experience. Must be there for sure atleast once to try out the awesome experience.

You can reach the Bhoj Restaurant by the following map below:

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