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Moti Mahal is one of the big restaurant chains in India.. The founders of Tandoori Chicken and Dal Makhani have a number of branches across India. However, was happy enough to try one at their branches in Varanasi. A rating of 3.5 out of 5 for the restaurant with good food, good service and happy moments.

Moti Mahal – Varanasi

Moti Mahal – A brand which needs no introduction!!


It had been a long time had not visited the pious city of Varanasi, and was lucky enough to visit the city during the summers of 2014. Though the summers are tough; but the city had really changed  and was enjoying roaming around the same old streets I had years back. Walking around the corners of the city had planned to start early  mornings from ghats to the different parts of the city savoring food on the streets.

Walking in the streets with the elections warming up, had seen a lot of AAP and BJP supporters with banners and caps around. However, I preferred to visit the malls in the evening times; tired of the perspiration and hot winds thrashing me the whole day. Was a happy moment to see one of the brands where I had already had food n number of times in Delhi.. The famous Moti Mahal.. Just out of curiosity stepped in with my hubby to see if the taste was the same we used to have in Delhi.

Moti Mahal

A die hard non-veggie as he is and me a pure vegetarian.. it’s a tough time to spend in any restaurant deciding on the starters… However, the smiling and energetic staff turned out to support us well with the orders which we should place. As suggested by their manager; we ordered Paneer Achaari and Chili Chicken for the starters. Though was bit surprised; when my hubby did not order his favorite Tandoori Chicken from the place which had invented it. But, still let’s wait and watch the quality of food that was going to be served. Expectations where high and suddenly he was on his way talking to the manager to get entry to the kitchen to see them cooking food. And as always, he was right in the kitchen in a few minutes.Moti Mahal1

Coming back he was really happy to see the quality of cottage cheese (paneer) they used. He just said, “You won’t really believe it, but they make their own cottage cheese here. Something really rare in restaurants.. most of them get it from the market at cheaper price”.  He even snapped some of the lovely pics how they were making the achaari paneer tikka and the chili chicken.

Moti Mahal2

Though not very professionally dressed, the way of cooking looked really good. Was just expecting that the dish tasted the same level as I had in its other branches.

Moti Mahal3

In a short while, there arrived the achaari paneer tikka and chili chicken.

Moti Mahal - 15

My hubby was so hungry.. he just started savoring the chicken and later realized had to snap the pics for the review… LOL.. The dishes were real awesome in flavors.. perfectly cooked and had been perfectly cooked.

Moti Mahal - 17

Enjoying the relaxation after the whole hectic day and a lovely starter… were scrolling across the menus to order for the main course… and decided on ordering the dal makhani, malai kofta, and rara gosht…to be savored with garlic naan.. Though obviously it was too much to be chomped, yet we just ordered to savor the yummy flavors.

Not much time taken, the food was served and ready in a few minutes right on the table with a lovely service…

Rara Gosht had the perfect blend of spices going best with garlic naan. The meat was tender and blend very well with the spices.

Moti Mahal - 22 Moti Mahal - 18

Moti Mahal is the founder of Dal Makhani… An awesome flavor, which I remember to have had a long time back in Gurgaon was exactly the same.. The chain has maintained its flavors very well.

Moti Mahal - 19

The Garlic Naan, was soft..well blend with the flavors of garlic. However, the garlic naan could have been little better.. but was still good to chomp of with.

Moti Mahal - 20

One of the best veg curries I have ever had till date.. The gravy was simply awesome and the kofta balls soft and very well blended with the spices. A must try in the restaurant.

Moti Mahal - 21

Last but not the least; the place is worth a try and enjoy the ambiance and the lovely food around.

You can reach Moti Mahal – Varanasi by following the map below:

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