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A very few restaurants in India which serve yummmyyy mughlai food. Not really aware of how the veg food was; but we simply fell in love with the non-veg served there. The food is simply awesome.. 4.5 rating out of 5.. Must visit.

Hotel Sahil, Old Khar West, Mumbai

The taste buds urge for more and more !!


Had been a hectic day shopping with my sisters, and hunger pangs were killing me. Though KFC was the nearest one visible, was so tempted to go and have a bucket of Hot n Crispy and savor it while the sisters kept shopping. But, the market engrossed me in too with me trying to buy some props for food photography.. Done with shopping for nearly 3 hours, ended with a complete exhausted body craving for food.

All of us craved for Biryani, and when asked people informed us of Hotel Sahil nearby. Walked down the street nearly half a mile to find the restaurant. Though not very appealing in looks and sitting space, the aroma of the food from its kitchen spread around enticing us.

Seated in a corner, the waiter arrived with the menu. Appreciate the way they tell about the dishes they serve and suggest the right dish as per your choice. The person planned our dish and we ordered the same as he suggested. Serving was within a few minutes. The service did not take much time, that was the good part. The food ordered was Chicken Kabuli with Butter Naan, mutton biryani and the phirni for dessert.

Hotel Sahil - 3

Chicken Kabuli, as was explained looked to a modified spicy version of Butter Chicken; which used tandoori chicken peices. But, the first bite of it with the butter naan proved me wrong. An entirely different flavor and simply yumm.. Even the butter naan provided was soft at the inner part and crunchy with butter on the upper part. The flavors just melt in the mouth. Still trying to find out the spices that were mixed up in the Chicken Kabuli, the guy brought in the Mutton Biryani.

Hotel Sahil - 2

The aroma of the Mutton Biryani was simply enticing. Long grains of rice, surely basmati and the first spoon of the biryani with a small piece of mutton. The mutton simply melt in the mouth and the flavors spread across every taste bud around. The tummy was all full, but the buds wanted even more. Finally, to kill the cravings of the taste buds; had to order for desserts. The phirni was good but yes the meat served was much more awesome. Not much sweet, but the rose flavor in the phirni spread across, satisfying the sweet tooth. The phirni was savored so fast, that did not even get the chance to click an image of it.

The whole stuff filling all three of us completely came just for 470 INR. A good food at a good price. 🙂 Last but not the least, am longing to go back to Mumbai and have the delicacies again. A good staff, friendly and serving smiles with food makes it a perfect place to hangout for good food.

You can reach Hotel Sahil by following the map below:

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