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Rules to contribute to

  1. The recipes submitted should not be copy pasted from anywhere.
  2. The recipes should be tried and tested at home.
  3. The images of the recipes should be of clear and crisp. In case, images are not good enough; any of the fellow bloggers can try the recipe and share it with the editor.
  4. The images can contain the watermark of your blog too.
  5. is not responsible for anyone cheating with the recipes and images. The moment anyone is found doing the same; the recipe will be pulled down from the site.
  6. You are welcome to put your web links in the recipe, which in return is requested to put a RG badge on your website. Please Note: The badge is under construction and will be out soon.
  7. For submitting your recipes, you need to be a member of Please send your Name, Email ID and/or your website link to